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How to Unlock Cricket iPhone 13/12/11/SE/X/8/7/6 for Free?

As a consumer, having choices about your mobile service is crucial for savings and flexibility.

Unfortunately, mobile carriers make this challenging because giving you options can cause them to lose money and customer loyalty.

The good news is that you don’t have to be “locked” into your locked phone for life. If you want to know how to unlock Cricket iPhones, we’re here to help.

How to Unlock a Cricket Wireless iPhone Free

Below are four fool-proof methods you can use when trying to get your Cricket iPhone unlocked.

1Request an Unlock Code

Speaking with Cricket is an excellent place to start when trying to unlock your iPhone.

Cricket Unlock Policy

Even though Cricket would rather keep you as a customer, they’ll unlock your phone for you if you meet certain stipulations.

These stipulations include:

  • Have an active, paid account for a minimum of six months on the iPhone you want to unlock.
  • Cricket has your iPhone locked on their network (you can assume this is the case if you purchased your phone with them).
  • You haven’t reported your iPhone as lost or stolen.
  • Cricket hasn’t flagged your iPhone as being connected with a fraudulent account.

Assuming that you’re in the clear with all these points, the next step is to contact Cricket about obtaining an unlock code.

Steps for Cricket iPhone Unlock

To do so, you can contact their customer service through email, live chat, or phone.

Alternatively, you don’t even have to talk with a person—simply log in to your account, click on “Account Settings,” followed by “Get Code” and “Request Unlock.”

You’ll need three items to unlock your Cricket iPhone:

  • your phone’s number
  • the account owner’s name
  • your account PIN or social security number

You can expect it to take up to 15 business day for Cricket to unlock your iPhone.

Once they send you the confirmation, simply switch out Cricket’s SIM card with the new SIM card you want to use and follow the quick set-up steps.

2Use DirectUnlocks


If you want to unlock Cricket iPhones without going through Cricket, DirectUnlocks is an excellent option.

It’s hard to beat DirectUnlock’s claim that they have a 100% success rate for unlocking Cricket iPhones. Furthermore, they do it quickly, and the process is entirely legal.

The reason for their unique service has to do with their connection with iPhone’s database. By using the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number on your phone, they can immediately ascertain your phone’s make and model.

Using DirectUnlocks involves the following four steps:

  1. Select “Cricket” network and type in your IMEI number. If you don’t know your IMEI number, simply type *#06# on your phone.
  2. Make your payment.
  3. Track your order’s progress on DirectUnlock’s tracking page.
  4. Receive an email and text message confirmation when your phone is ready.

DirectUnlocks will have your iPhone ready for you to use your new SIM card within 24 hours. If you have any questions during that time, they have a 24-hour customer support team.

It’s important to note that although DirectUnlocks can bypass all of Cricket’s unlocking requirements, unlocking your phone with them doesn’t free you of your contract with Cricket. In other words, you’ll still owe your regular payments until your Cricket contract expires.

3Use a Cricket iPhone Unlock Chip

For the sake of covering all our bases, we’re sharing yet another unique method for unlocking your Cricket iPhone. That said, we want to warn you upfront—you could end up damaging your iPhone by using a SIM unlocking chip.

But we’re jumping ahead of ourselves here. Let’s first talk about what an unlocking chip is.

An unlocking chip is a tiny device that prevents the typical traffic between your iPhone and Cricket SIM card. It then uses a microcontroller to change that traffic. In other words, it tricks your Cricket SIM card into changing how your iPhone operates.

There are many brands of SIM unlocking chips you can purchase, the most powerful is UB SIM.

UB SIM gets around traditional unlocking techniques because it’s able to trick your Cricket chip into believing that the unlocking chip has your iPhone’s IMEI number. It then has access to an authentication key that Cricket would typically give you.

As a result, your phone can access other networks. That said, you must select an unlocking chip compatible with the network you want your unlocked iPhone to connect to.

As a final reminder, because an unlocking chip’s job is to alter the inner works of your iPhone, you run the risk of causing irreversible damage.

4Use IMEIdoctor

imeidoctor carrier

IMEIdoctor works similarly to DirectUnlocks, as a safer third-party means to unlock your Cricket iPhone. They use an AppleCare-approved way to unlock your phone, offering a 100% guarantee that they’ll get the job done without interrupting your service.

Efficiency is at the core of IMEIdoctor’s mission. They only need a few details from you to get started, including your current service provider (Cricket) and your iPhone’s IMEI number (dial *#06# into your phone).

You can expect IMEIdoctor to unlock your iPhone in as little as 12 – 24 hours. During that time, you’ll be able to continue using your phone as usual. That’s because they use over-the-air technology while allowing your iPhone’s IMEI number to connect with Apple.

Furthermore, if you have an AppleCare warranty for your iPhone, you don’t have to worry about IMEIdoctor’s work negating the warranty terms.

IMEIdoctor uses a 100% legal approach to unlocking an iPhone from Cricket. But as with DirectUnlocks, it’s your responsibility to continue paying Cricket for your phone plan if you have a current contract with them.

So, it also a good option to unlock an iPhone with IMEI number.


When you unlock Cricket iPhones, you open a wide range of possibilities that were otherwise unavailable to you. For example, unlocked iPhones sell for more money, you can tiptoe around costly roaming charges, and you can switch cell phone service providers to find the best contract.

All of the methods we discussed here have their advantages. So, figure out the best fit for you, and you’ll soon be enjoying your unlocked Cricket wireless iPhone.

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