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How to Unlock Sprint iPhone without Account for Free?

If you recently purchased a Sprint iPhone, you might have noticed your phone was locked.

Don’t worry! This situation is common when you buy a refurbished smartphone from someone with a Sprint account who no longer uses the service.

Unlocking your Sprint  iPhone is easy, and we’ll walk you through the steps below.

How to Unlock a Sprint iPhone with Account for Free

If you need to unlock the Sprint iPhone or another mobile device, here are some helpful tips and steps to make the process easier.

1. Confirm the Smartphone Is Locked with Sprint or T-Mobile

Before buying a locked Sprint smartphone, it’s essential to confirm that it’s locked to Sprint or T-Mobile. Both companies recently merged in 2020, and you’ll find customer support on T-Mobile’s website.

The website offers Sprint iPhone unlock service instructions and information for new smartphone owners registered with the carrier.

2. Check to Ensure the Smartphone Isn’t Blacklisted

If the Sprint iPhone is reported lost or stolen, you can’t unlock the device. You can verify the status of the phone by checking the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity).

This information details the smartphone’s hardware, warranty, serial number, description, and blacklist status.

It’s essential to understand that any smartphone considered blacklisted cannot be unlocked.

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For this reason, it’s vital to ensure the phone is either unlocked before you check immediately after receiving it and follow up with the seller if any issues are unlocking the phone.

If you have concerns about the phone’s status, use an accurate IMEI checker.

3. Obtaining Sprint Phone Details from the Previous Owner

When you purchase a second-hand smartphone, it’s essential to obtain all the previous owner’s details, including contact information, account details, and the phone’s status.
You’ll find this step is crucial before you buy, especially if there are any issues with the phone, including the inability to unlock it through your carrier.

Some additional information you’ll need about the phone before you buy includes:

  1. iPhones that are bought after 2015 can only be used in the United States once they are unlocked. It’s essential to keep this in mind if you plan to travel outside of the U.S. with a newer iPhone and avoid issues with access.
  2. The processes of unlocking a smartphone for international and national use are separate, and you must complete them through Sprint or T-Mobile.
  3. Older iPhones may only connect directly to their initial carrier. These phones include iPhone 4 and earlier models.

It’s crucial to know the type of phone you’re going to buy when it is released and the specific model so you can determine which steps are needed to unlock it successfully.

4. Factory Unlock Sprint iPhone Process

You can make it easier to unlock Sprint iPhone or newer model by whitelisting the IMEI number with Apple on the company’s database.

IMEI numbers listed on the manufacturer database allow easy detection of the phone and network, which lets you quickly unlock your device and sync it with a network.

This option is ideal if you’re concerned about unlocking a device in the future, whether you’re planning on selling a phone.

If you purchase a phone with this service, unlocking your new iPhone will be less challenging, allowing the phone to connect to any network or carrier.

5. Unlocking Other Smartphone Devices

While eligible, locked iPhones require customer assistance to process the unlock, there is a different process for unlocking other smartphone models, including Android and other devices.

Samsung phones can be unlocked through the home screen on the device by selecting the settings option, then connections, more connection settings, and select network unlock.

You can unlock LG, OnePlus, and older Android phones through the settings option on the device, including the T-Mobile REVVLRY model.

Each device has slightly different steps through the settings menu. For these types of devices, select the permanent unlock option. This option will initiate the unlocking process, which takes a few minutes and requires restarting the device.

Any other devices you wish to unlock can be done through the security menu on your smartphone or tablet device. If you require an unlock code, you may need to contact the carrier to obtain this information before you proceed.

6. Domestic and International Unlocking Eligibility

There is a separate process to unlock your phone for domestic and international use. Suppose you unlock your phone for use within the U.S.

In that case, criteria include no stolen reports, no outstanding payments from the previous phone owner, being connected to Sprint or T-Mobile for a minimum of 50 days, and being compatible with terms and agreements of the iPhone contract.

When you unlock your iPhone for international use, this requires that the phone has not been reported lost or stolen. It must be connected to Sprint or T-Mobile, compatible with international unlocking, with an up-to-date account that’s connected for a minimum of 90 days with no late or missed payments.

Once you determine that your phone is eligible for one or both unlocking options, contact T-Mobile so you can get started.

Unlocking Your Sprint iPhone Without an Account

If you’re looking to unlock your Sprint phone without an account, there are third-party websites that may provide this service for a fee.

Unlock services enables you to unlock your iPhone free with IMEI. It doesn’t require the Sprint account to get your iPhone unlocked.

While there are alternative options outside of a Sprint or T-Mobile carrier, it’s best to contact the company directly to ensure quality results and quick service.

Removing carrier locks directly with T-Mobile ensures you’ll have access to your phone in less than one day, and you can often have this done successfully online or over the phone without any complications.


Many people purchase locked second-hand or refurbished. Luckily, you can unlock them quickly through a carrier or third party.

Before you buy, it’s essential to verify the seller and ensure you’re getting an iPhone in good condition. Ensure you obtain all the details about the phone, seller or company, and the process involved to unlock the device if this is necessary.

Sprint or T-Mobile offers helpful customer support and excellent advice on unlocking Sprint iPhones.

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