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How to Unlock Boost Mobile iPhone 13/12/11/XS/XR/X/8 Free?

Did you buy a Boost Mobile iPhone? Then you’ve probably noticed that Boost Mobile iPhones are locked to their network and can’t work with a different carrier unless you unlock it. It’s completely free to unlock Boost Mobile iPhone through the company, while third-party carriers will cost you extra.

Are you having trouble unlocking your Boost Mobile iPhone? If so, we will guide you through every step and ensure you learn the key iPhone unlock processes. Before you know it, you’ll unlock the phone and enjoy your iPhone as it should be.

In our guide below, you will learn how to find out whether your iPhone is locked to Boost Mobile, whether you are eligible to unlock your phone, and the steps you need to take to complete a Boost Mobile iPhone unlock.

How to Check if Your iPhone is Locked to Boost Mobile

There are two processes you can take to check if your iPhone is locked to Boost Mobile.

First, you can go to your Settings > General > About > Carrier Lock.

iOS 14 Settings Carrier lock

If you see No SIM restrictions, then your phone is unlocked. If not, then your phone is likely locked to Boost Mobile.

The second process is more accurate. In this case, you can switch the SIM card. You will have to turn off your phone and take out the SIM card. Then you’ll need to put in a different carrier’s SIM card and turn on your phone.

fetch sim card iphone

Now, try calling someone and dial their number. If the call connects, then your iPhone is unlocked. However, if it only works with the Boost Mobile SIM card, then your iPhone is locked to that network.

How to Unlock Your Boost Mobile iPhone for Free (Up to 15 Days)

Boost Mobile can unlock your iPhone from its network for free only if you can meet their iPhone unlock policy below.

Eligibility Requirements to Unlock a Phone

You will find that there are specific eligibility requirements in order to unlock Boost Mobile iPhone. These requirements include the following:

  • Using your Boost Mobile phone for at least 12 months before unlocking it
  • You bought your phone through Boost Mobile
  • You can’t report your phone stolen or lost
  • You need to make a payment within the last 90 days upon your 12 months of use
  • Your phone’s SIM card needs to be capable of unlocking (most iPhones are capable of this)
  • You have paid all your Boost Mobile bills

You will need to keep these requirements in mind since Boost Mobile does not update you on when you’ll be able to unlock your iPhone.

In addition, if you’re in the military, Boost Mobile can unlock your phone upon request. In this case, you won’t even need to meet the 12 months of use via Boost Mobile.

Guide to Unlock an iPhone from Boost Mobile

Now it’s time to walk you through the steps of unlocking your iPhone. There are two different processes: one for current Boost customers and one for non-Boost customers.

For a Current Boost Customer

If you are a current Boost Mobile customer and you have met all of the eligibility requirements, all you need to do is call Boost customer service by dialing 1-888-BOOST-4U, ask them for the unlock.

To ensure the process goes smoothly, you’ll need to keep the SIM card in the phone and have your phone on and connected to the Boost Mobile network. It usually take up to 15 business days before your iPhone is completely unlocked.

For a Non-Boost Customer

If you are not a Boost Mobile customer, then you will need some more information to unlock your phone. You will need to get either the Boost Mobile account number or the phone number last used with your phone.

If you do not have that information, you will need to ask the person from whom you purchased the phone. Without this info, you won’t be able to unlock your phone.

Using Boost Mobile Unlock Service (Take 9-Hour)

Although Boost Mobile will unlock your iPhone when it’s eligible to be unlocked, the unlocking process will take as long as 15 business days. Not to say most people can’t meet their eligibility requirements.

In this section, we’re going to show you a quick way – using a service (within 9 hours) to unlock your iPhone from Boot Mobile. What’s better, this service can still unlock your iPhone even if you can’t meet Boost Mobile’s eligibility requirements.

DirectUnlocks is one of the best iPhone unlocking services. We used this service a lot for Boost Mobile iPhone unlock, till now, they still offer a 100% success rate.

It’s very simple for you to use this service. Just offer your IMEI number and complete the payment, the team of experts will do the rest for you. Usually, the delivery time for Boost Mobile iPhone is 9 hours.

Here are the detailed steps to use this service:

Step 1. Visit the DirectUnlocks Official website.

Step 2. From the top menu, select your iPhone models.

Step 3. Enter your IMEI number, which you can find by dialing *#06#.

dial code to find imei iphone

Step 4. Provide your email address for order tracking and submit the info.

boost mobile unlock order info

Once you complete the payment, DirectUnlocks will start to unlock your iPhone. They will inform you via email once the unlocking is complete.

That’s it! Your iPhone will be remotely and permanently unlock, you can use it on any carrier now!

FAQs About Boot Mobile iPhone Unlock

Question: What is a “locked” vs. “unlocked” iPhone?

Answer: A locked iPhone is capable of only operating on a particular exclusive carrier’s network.

In this case, it’s Boost Mobile. If you’re looking to change this setting and connect your phone to a different network, you’ll need to unlock your iPhone. An unlocked iPhone can operate on multiple different networks.

Question: Does it cost to unlock an iPhone?

Answer: Unless you decide to have a third-party service try to unlock your iPhone, it will not cost you anything to unlock it. A third-party service can cost anywhere from $28 to $50 to unlock your phone.

You should try to speak with your carrier before moving onto a third-party service. Some of the best unlocking services include DirectUnlocks, and IMEIdoctor.

Question: Is it legal to unlock an iPhone?

Answer: It is entirely legal to unlock your iPhone once you have met the eligibility requirements of Boost Mobile.

If you have completed all payments for your contract and paid off the iPhone, it is legal to unlock your phone. Once you own it fully, you can unlock it without breaking any rules.

The Bottom Line

From this guide, you should understand what a locked iPhone means. You should now know how to check if your Boost Mobile iPhone is locked, the requirements you need to meet before unlocking your phone, and the steps you need to take to unlock it.

Whether you’re still a Boost Mobile customer or not, you can fully unlock your Boost Mobile iPhone by following the strategies in this guide. If your carrier has not helped and you’re still having trouble, you can check out a reliable third-party service such as DirectUnlocks.

Once you have met your eligibility requirements, you should be able to unlock your Boost Mobile iPhone without a problem legally. Take a few minutes and call Boost Mobile customer service today! You’ll unlock your iPhone in no time.

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