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How to Unlock Simple Mobile iPhone SE/7/8/X/11/12/13?

I want to unlock my simple mobile phone for tmobile, is there any way to do this?

An unlocked device gives you the freedom to take your device to any carrier you choose.

If you own a Simple Mobile iPhone, you can unlock it and gain the ability to take it to another carrier rather than feeling pigeon-holed into using a specific company.

Once you have your phone unlocked, you will find that your choice of carriers is far vaster, allowing you to choose a plan that works best for you.

This post will show you how to unlock a Simple Mobile iPhone.

Before Unlocking

Do you know that a blacklisted iPhone is can’t be unlocked from carrier? No matter which method you use, you’ll have to know the blacklist status of it.

There is no way to check the blacklist status by yourself, you’ll have to use a 3-rd party IMEI checker. But the truth is that nearly most of the IMEI checkers generate IMEI report from the same outdated database, which means the IMEI report may not be accurate.

The only accurate IMEI checker we found is WipeLock IMEI Checker. Differing from others who generate reports from database, WipeLock will check the IMEI number manually by their experts to make sure the IMEI report is 100% accurate.

So, to avoid wasting time and money, you’d better check the blacklist status with WipeLock IMEI Checker.

wipelock imei checker

If the blacklist status is Clean, your can use either of the following methods to unlock your iPhone.

If not, then there is no way to get your iPhone unlocked.

How to Unlock Simple Mobile iPhone

Let’s dive into the details of how to unlock a Simple Mobile iPhone. There are two simple ways to complete this process, as outlined below.

No matter which method you choose, unlocking the phone should be easy.

Method 1. Contact Simple Mobile (Up to 15 Business Days)

Before you can have your phone unlocked, you will need to contact Simple Mobile.

Simple Mobile will unlock it remotely for free.

Keep in mind that you must meet specific terms and conditions for Simple Mobile to unlock your device.

Simple Mobile Unlocking Policy

Terms and conditions can include, but are not limited to:

  • The device must have been active via Simple Mobile’s service for no less than 12 months.
  • To unlock a Simple Mobile iPhone, the device must not be reported lost or stolen.
  • The customer must request the unlock.

If your device cannot be unlocked for any reason despite meeting the terms and conditions, Simple Mobile may provide a partial refund toward the purchase of a new phone.

Steps to Ask Simple Mobile to Unlock Your iPhone

Step 0. Check your iPhone blacklist status with WipeLock IMEI Checker.

Step 1. Visit https://www.simplemobile.com/contactus. You’ll find three options to contact them:

  • Online chat
  • Call at 1-877-878-7908
  • By mail

Step 2. Choose one of the above ways to contact them. Offer them the IMEI of your iPhone.

Step 3. Simple Mobile will audit your info and will unlock your iPhone remotely. The process will take up to 15 working days, so be patient with them.

Once unlocked, you’ll receive an email or phone call. Then insert another SIM card into your iPhone to use it as normal!

Method 2. Using a Simple Mobile Unlock Service

You can use a service to help you unlock a Simple Mobile iPhone.

A Simple Mobile unlock service can help streamline the process, making it easier to experience the freedom of choice. Many services can offer remote unlocking quickly and easily without voiding your warranty.

Keep in mind that you will have to pay for an unlocking service. Once you pay, the company unlocking your phone will begin the unlocking process remotely. Remember that it sometimes takes 6-24 hours for the service provider to receive your unlock code from the carrier or manufacturer.


One of the best services is DirectUnlocks. This service provider can access a database of manufacturers to find your phone and make the unlocking process a smooth one. They will help you unlock your iPhone permanently and remotely.

To use it, make sure you have the IMEI number for your device ready. You can find it by dialing *#06#.

dial code to find imei

Once the required information offered, the company will unlock your iPhone and contact you as soon as the process is complete. With an unlocked device, it is yours to legally take anywhere you wish.

You should know that the unlocking process may vary depending on which carrier you used to purchase your iPhone. However, with Simple Mobile, it is a relatively fast and simple process (within 6 hours according to our experience).

Therefore, you should have your unlocked Simple Mobile iPhone in no time.

FAQs About Simple iPhone Unlock

Phone unlocking often comes with a lot of questions. If you have never been through the process of unlocking your phone before, it is better to understand what it entails before you proceed.

Hopefully, the following answers will help you better understand the phone unlocking process before you try to unlock your personal device.

Are Simple Mobile Phones Locked?

Not all Simple Mobile phones are locked. Before purchasing a device, it’s recommended to ask the seller about the carrier lock status.

What Is iPhone Unlocking?

Typically, the best way to get your hands on an iPhone is to purchase the phone through a specific carrier. When that happens, your device then becomes locked to that carrier and that carrier only.

iphone sim not supported

Once you finish paying the phone off, it is yours to keep, but it is often still locked to the company, which prevents you from taking it to a different one should you wish to do so.

Most carriers allow you to bring your device rather than purchasing one of theirs, but they will not activate a locked phone.

If you have an iPhone that you bought from a specific carrier, your best bet is to have it unlocked free with IMEI number so you can choose the one you want once your current contract ends.

How to Check If My Simple Mobile iPhone Is Locked?

Many people are unsure how to check if their iPhone is locked, but it is a relatively simple process. To discover if your iPhone is locked to a specific carrier, you will need to do the following:

  1. Choose the settings app from your iPhone.
  2. Select Mobile Data and Mobile Data Options.
  3. Next, choose Cellular and Cellular Data.
  4. Look for the Mobile Data Network/Cellular Data Network option.
  5. If you can find the option, your phone is likely already unlocked.

ios13 settings cellular

On a locked phone, you will see that the phone will say Carrier Lock followed by SIM locked.

What Carriers Can I Use After Unlocking?

As long as your iPhone accepts SIM cards, you should be free to take your phone to any carrier you wish as long as they can provide you with a SIM card. The SIM card transmits information to the phone about the carrier’s data that allows you to access the network.

In short, you can choose just about any carrier you wish.

For instance, you can take your unlocked Simple Mobile iPhone to Spring, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and many other carriers.

Make sure you contact the company you wish to use and ask them ahead of time if you can use your unlocked device.

The new carrier of your choice will be able to look up your phone using your device’s IMEI to determine if they can use it for their service.

With the power of an unlocked phone in your hands, you will never have to worry about being locked down to one carrier ever again.


An unlocked Simple Mobile iPhone is more than just being able to take your phone wherever you wish. It is about the freedom of choice.

When you choose to unlock your phone, you are deciding to select a carrier and a plan that works best for you.

With the information above, you will be able to easily unlock a Simple Mobile iPhone. Pull out that device and unlock it today!

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