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How to Unlock T-Mobile iPhone without Account Free?

Are you struggling to find the right way to unlock a T-Mobile iPhone without account for free?

We know how hard and time consuming it can be for non-technical people. As there are a bunch of outdated methods & fake services.

However, it’s not impossible for you to get your T-Mobile iPhone unlocked. we made a research on this recently. Keep reading to find out the 3 ways to unlock your T-Mobile iPhone.

Why Did the Research on T-Mobile iPhone Unlock?

Hi, my name is Eric. I’m an Apple Certified Independent Technician after gaining AppleCare service certifications for iOS & Mac. But just like you, I’m still just a regular user who encounter problems when using an iPhone.

About 2 months ago, I bought a brand-new iPhone 12 after it was released. So I delivered my T-Mobile iPhone 11 Pro Max to my sister who used iPhone 7 with an AT&T SIM card. The time she inserted the AT&T SIM card into the iPhone 11, an error message saying that “SIM Not Supported“.

iphone sim not supported screen

This is why we decided to make research to unlock T-Mobile locked iPhone.

Disclaimer: The opinions here are all our own. No companies or merchants mentioned in this post have any influence on our research, nor do they get any editorial input in the content.

Things to Know Before Unlocking Your T-Mobile iPhone

1Make sure your iPhone is not blacklisted to T-Mobile

It’s necessary to check the blacklist status of your iPhone with an IMEI checker. Because there is no way to unlock a blacklisted iPhone especially locked to T-Mobile.

Removing it from the blacklist is necessary before unlocking. What you need to do is to ask the guy who blacklisted this device to contact T-Mobile to whitelist the device.

2Make sure your iPhone is locked to T-Mobile

According to a report, over 20% of T-Mobile unlocking requests are invalid because the iPhone is not a T-Mobile device.

To avoid wasting your time & money, just double check if it’s locked to T-Mobile with your IMEI number.

We used this iPhone IMEI checker for the blacklist & carrier lock status checking.

our iphone 11 imei report
IMEI report for my iPhone 11

3Make sure the SIM card you switched to is compatible

Do you know that a GSM network unlocked iPhone can’t be used with a CDMA sim card? T-Mobile belongs to a GSM network, this means even if you unlocked your T-Mobile iPhone, it can’t be used to Sprint, Verizon, and other CMDA network.

You can only switch to a GSM network from the list [1] after unlocking.

4T-Mobile won’t unlock your device automatically

Just as At&T, you’ll have to send an unlock request to T-Mobile to get your device unlocked. They will never unlock it automatically even if the contract has finished.

Research Results: Here’s How to Unlock T-Mobile iPhone

This part is separated into two sections:

  • Section 1: Unlock T-Mobile iPhone for Free (with Account). Choose the method here to get your device unlocked if you meet all the unlock requirements of T-Mobile.
  • Section 2: Unlock T-Mobile iPhone without Account. Using one of the two ways if you’re not eligible to T-Mobile’s unlock requirements.

Section 1. Unlock T-Mobile iPhone for Free with Account

Can T-Mobile Unlock My iPhone?

Of course T-Mobile will unlock your iPhone for free once you meet all their unlock requirements [2].

The official requirements are too redundant, so we’ve made it short for you:

  1. You must have bought your iPhone from T-Mobile
  2. Your iPhone must not be blacklisted (reported as stolen, lost or blocked to T-Mobile)
  3. Your T-Mobile account associated with the locked iPhone must be alive and in good standing.
  4. For a postpaid iPhone, ir must have been active on T-Mobile for at least 40 days.
  5. For a prepaid iPhone, it must have been active for at least the last year, unless the Prepaid account associated with your iPhone has already reached $100 or more in refills for all lines.
  6. If you purchased an iPhone via installments, it must be fully paid off.
  7. Purchase proof or additional info may be requested (not necessary in most situations)

How to Unlock T-Mobile iPhone for Free

Once your iPhone meets the minimum criteria, you can send an unlock request immediately. Here are the detailed steps for you to unlock your T-Mobile iPhone:

Step 1. First, you’ll need to find the IMEI number of your locked iPhone.

Step 2. Prepare your account information, including your account number.

Step 3. Call T-Mobile at 1-800-937-8997 and ask for device unlock.

Step 4. Offer what they required, including your account info and IMEI number ( purchase proof may be required in some situations).

Step 5. Wait up to 15 business days, T-Mobile will unlock your device.

Not finished yet, after they unlock your iPhone, you need to activate it before using it. Here is how:

If You Have Another SIM Card

  • Power off your iPhone and a new, non-T-Mobile SIM card into it
  • Power on it, your iPhone will activate.

insert sim card into iphone 11

If Don’t Have

  • Back up your iPhone to iCloud or iTunes
  • Erase it
  • Restore a backup

That’s it! You can enjoy your T-Mobile unlocked iPhone on another GSM network now!

Section 2. How to Unlock T-Mobile iPhone without Account

If you got your iPhone from someone else and can’t offer the Account, or you just can’t meet all the criteria T-Mobile required. Then an alternative should be a good choice.

Using a Third-Party Unlocking Service

The first alternative should be using a T-Mobile iPhone unlock service. Using such a service is straightforward: you make your way to an online service, offer them your IMEI and finish the payment, then wait for your iPhone to be unlocked.

You need to nothing but to wait, they will do the rest for you. After unlocking your iPhone from T-Mobile, you’ll be able to use this device without any limits.

DirectUnlocks stands out from those unlocking service, it would permanently unlock your T-Mobile iPhone if you can’t meet all the unlocking requirements of T-Mobile.


Here is the information that may help you make your decision on whether to choose this service or not:

Pros of this service

  • Unlock T-Mobile iPhone permanently without account
  • Complete the unlocking process within 24 hours
  • Support all models & iOS version
  • Safe to use & money-back guarantee

Cons of it

  • It’s not free (start from $28 according to your model)
  • Can’t work for a blacklisted iPhone

Please note that there is no unlocking service that can unlock a blacklisted T-Mobile iPhone, so that’s why we recommend you check the blacklist status before unlocking. Using a Hardware Unlock Solution

The last one should be a hardware unlocking solution which worked in a different way from all the above ones.

It’s a module that can be inserted into your iPhone along with a SIM card. After you setting the ICCID Code in ICCID mode, the chip inside the hardware will bypass the carrier lock.

UB SIM is the latest hardware unlocking solution.

ub sim 14

Before using it, there are some points you should know:

Pros of it

  • Bypass carrier lock instantly
  • Support all carriers over the world
  • Simple & easy to use
  • Enjoy full functions after unlocking

Cons of it

  • It’s not a permanent solution. Before updating your iOS, you need to make sure the iOS version is compatible with UB SIM or your iPhone will be locked again.
  • Only support iPhone models from iPhone 6 to iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • This hardware can only be shipped if you’re from the US, UK, EU, Russia, China or India
  • Can’t unlock a blacklisted device

Although your iPhone will be locked again due to updating to an incompatible iOS version, UB SIM will update their ICCID code immediately once a new iOS version released. And you’ll get lifetime support.

The Bottom Line

This is all about T-Mobile iPhone unlock instructions. Don’t know which way is best? Well, it all depends on you.

If you prefer a freeway and have the patience to wait up to 15 working days, then contacting T-Mobile support is a good option.

If you can’t meet all the T-Mobile unlocking criteria, then a T-Mobile iPhone unlock service and hardware unlocking solution will help you.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions and we may start a research on your problem if it’s worthy.

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Eric is an Apple Certified Independent Technician after gaining AppleCare service certifications for both iOS and Mac. He is passionate about helping people to make the most of their iOS devices.

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