iCloud Bypass Tools: The Complete List (2022 Update)


Find the top 3 online iCloud bypass tools.

Get an iCloud bypass software for your device.

The popular unlock guide for you.

Scammers you should keep away from.

Frequently asked questions you should know.

Online iCloud Bypass Tools

If you want to see the best online iCloud activation bypass tools (iCloud unlock services) in one place,  then you’ll LOVE this (updated) part.

Our team tested and reviewed 15 free and paid online iCloud unlock tools.

And you can find the top 3 tools that worked perfectly during our research.

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Why Should You Use?

Online iCloud bypass tool (also known as iCloud unlock service) will help you unlock your device from Activation Lock remotely. During our research, here are some features that make the online tools unique:

  • Compatible with all iOS/iPadOS/WatchOS versions
  • Support all models of Apple devices
  • Bypass iCloud lock remotely

How Online iCloud Bypass Tools Work?

Online iCloud Activation Lock bypass tools are ideal for users who don’t have any technical skills. You just need to offer the IMEI or Serial number, the team of experts will do the rest for you.

Step 1. Find the IMEI/Serial Number

Step 2. Offer the info of your device

Step 3. The experts will start to unlock.

Top 3 Online iCloud Bypass Tool

#1 AppleiPhoneUnlock
appleiphoneunlock icloud

Our Review

AppleiPhoneUnlock is our first choice for iCloud bypass. This online tool can permanently remove iCloud Activation Lock without Apple ID or password required.

It supports all models of Apple devices and has a 100% success rate for us!


Speed: Within 5 days. (Or 24 hours with FastTrack option enabled)

Cost: $39

Success Rate: 100% – All tested devices are completely unlocked!

Customer Service: 7 x 24 hours

Feature: The best iPhone unlocking tool

#2 IMEIDoctor
imeidoctor icloud

Our Review

IMEIdoctor one of the best iCloud bypass tools due to its high-quality service. They managed to bypass the iCloud Activation Lock on all of the iPhone, iPad supplied by the iActivation community.

This service works better when it comes to bypass iCloud on iPad.


Speed: 5-7 days

Cost: $39

Success Rate: 100%

Customer Service: 7 x 24 hours

Feature: The best iPad Activation Lock removal tool

#3 IMEIUnlockSIM
imeiunlocksim icloud unlock


IMEIUnlockSIM is a new iCloud unlock tool that started in 2019. Although the website style seems outdated, it worked wonderfully just like the above tools.

We usually use this tool to unlock Apple Watch Activation Lock. And it has never let us down about the success rate.


Speed: 1 – 24 hours

Cost: Start from $18.95

Success Rate: 100%

Feature: The best tool for Apple Watch iCloud lock bypass.

Offline iCloud Bypass Tools

In this part, we’re going to show you the best iCloud bypass software tools.

We’ve tested 7 activation lock bypass software, including Tenorshare 4MeKey, iMobie AnyUnlock, Passfab Activation Unlocker, iRemove Tools, Dr.Fone, iMyFone iBypasser, and Wootechy iSalvor. 

Finally, only the top 3 of them listed here according to their performances.

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Why Should You Use?

An iCloud removal software solution can usually bypass iCloud Activation Lock within 15 minutes.

If you’re one of those who in a hurry to get into an iCloud locked device, then the software bypass solution is your best choice!

How iCloud Bypass Software Work?

After testing these software tools, we found all of them worked by jailbreak. This is because Apple’s secure system will be weaker than before after jailbreak.

Keep in mind that these tools can only work for partial devices.

Top 3 iCloud Bypass Software

#1 Tenorshare 4MeKey
4mekey interface home

Our Review

Tenorshare 4MeKey is the No.1 iCloud bypass software. In case you have forgotten the Apple ID password or gotten a used iPhone that is locked by iCloud, you can try 4MeKey.

It makes the process of iCloud bypass from iPhone/iPad incredibly easy for users.


Supported Devices: iPhone 5S – iPhone X and partial iPads

Supported OS: iOS 12 – 14.6

Price: Start from $35.95

Feature: Bypass iCloud lock & turn off Find My iPhone

Money-back Guarantee: 30 days

#2 Dr.Fone iOS Unlock

Our Review

When searching for the perfect iCloud bypass tool, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered. These include success rate, compatibility, customer service, user-friendliness, features, etc.

Dr.Fone iOS Unlock is such tool that covers all the above factors. 


Supported Devices: iPhone 5 – iPhone X and partial iPads

Supported OS: iOS 12 – 14

Price: Start from $49.95

Feature: Remove Apple ID & bypass iCloud lock

Money-back Guarantee: 7 days

#3 PassFab
passfab activation unlocker

Our Review

PassFab Activation Unlocker is a professional and safer iCloud bypass tool that can help you remove iCloud lock without knowing the password. No matter how your iPhone is locked, it will unlock your device without any hassle.

It’s a trustworthy tool that can provide you with promising results.


Supported Devices: iPhone 5S – iPhone X and partial iPads

Supported OS: iOS 12 – 14.6

Price: Start from $29.95

Feature: Remove iCloud lock & disable Find My iPhone

Money-back Guarantee: 30 days

iCloud Bypass Guides

Throughout the years, we’ve tested a large quantity of iCloud bypass guides/methods, only two of them that can actually work. In this part, you’ll learn the two guides to bypass iCloud lock. What you need is to just simply follow the guides step-by-step, and it requires zero technical skills. Let’s get it on!
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Why Should You Use

If you’re interested in resolving problems by yourself, then an iCloud bypass guide will be your first choice.

By following the guide, you can bypass the iCloud Activation Lock on your iPhone/iPad without any hassle. 

Top 2 iCloud Bypass Guide

#1 iCloud Unlock Solution
icloud unlock solution

Our Review

iCloud Unlock Solution is an eBook that is written by the founder of WipeLock. From this guide, you’ll learn your ultimate guide to bypass iCloud lock by yourself.

We’ve already purchased this eBook, it has helped us to learn about the iCloud Activation Lock better. You’ll never be disappointed by using this guide.


Our first choice when it comes to using an unlock guide.

Edition: 2021

Price: $10

Success Rate: 100%

Supported Devices: All iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Supported iOS: All iOS/iPadOS versions

#2 iCloud DNS Bypass
icloud dns bypass

Our Review

iCloud DNS Bypass is an old way that has helped over 100k users remove iCloud lock from their devices. It still works now!

In just a few steps, you’ll be able to bypass the iCloud lock and enjoy the partial features of your iPhone.

What’s better, it’s free to use.


Your best choice when you’re searching for a free guide

Edition: 2021

Price: Free

Success Rate: 80%

Supported Devices: All iPhones

Supported iOS: iOS 7 ~ iOS 11.4


There are a bunch of websites that claim to bypass the iCloud lock after a purchase

Many were inaccurate scammers. Some of them were even dangerous to use since our computers were infected.

What’s worse, we’ve already paid fees of up to $1800 USD without the websites attempting to complete the iCloud bypass.

You can see the list of scammers in the table below…

finger bg



Our Review



Scammer! Keep away from this site!



Never exist, just want you to click ads or fill out surveys

Apple Hacker Pro


Scam designed to get your personal details

iCloud Activation Bypass Tool Version 1.4


Doesn’t work at all



Same service on multiple websites. None of them work



Same service on multiple websites. None of them work



Same service on multiple websites. None of them work



Same service on multiple websites. None of them work



Doesn’t work

iCloud Unlock Deluxe


Hard to download & doesn’t work


Differing from most teams who just copy and paste the contents and never testing a tool, we test the iCloud bypass tools by ourselves.

All the tested devices are from our readers, we collect these devices for test and in return, we help them unlock for free.

Yes, with the development of technology, there are more and more tools designed for iCloud bypass. We’ve tested a bunch of them and finally found the above 8 tools that perform wonderfully.

iCloud bypass tool can be an online service, a software tool, or an unlock guide. By using one of them, you’ll be able to bypass the iCloud Activation Lock screen and regain access to your Apple devices.

If you are worried about the legitimacy of iCloud bypass, then, yes, it is totally legal to unlock iCloud lock for your own Apple devices.

However, if the device you’re trying to get into is not legitimately owned by you, then it’s illegal. You may get prosecuted as a result of property or information theft.

But the fact is that no one has ever been arrested for this by far.

Although all the above iCloud bypass tools are proved to be able to bypass Activation Lock. The results are different.

For an online bypass tool, your device will be permanently unlocked, and you’ll be able to use all features & functions of your device. No jailbreak required.

For an iCloud bypass software, jailbreak is required. And the SIM card won’t work after using this tool.

For iCloud DNS Bypass, you’ll be able to only use some limited functions after the iCloud lock removal.

We highly recommend you use the online iCloud bypass tool to completely unlock your device. 

Always think twice before trying any tools found by yourself for iCloud bypass. 

It’s wise to use the iCloud lock removal tools which has already be verified by a professional team.

The online service listed above is better. Because it performs a permanent unlock for your device. And it won’t affect the warranty of your iPhone after bypassing.

Although a software tool can help you bypass the Activation Lock quickly, it may not support your device. What’s worse, your iPhone will be jailbroken which means the iOS system will not be safe as before.