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iMyFone iBypasser & WooTechy iSalvor Review: Bypass iCloud Temporarily

Want to use a tool to unlock your iPhone from Activation Lock but don’t know which one to choose?

To be honest, it is very difficult to find the right one that actually works from so many similar tools. Today, we’re going to show you whether iMyFone iBypasser (also WooTechy iSalvor) works or not.

The reason why we put iMyFone iBypasser and WooTechy iSalvor together is that they’re the same tool from the same company.

Read on to learn if it’s the right tool for you.

iMyFone iBypasser and WooTechy iSalvor Review

1What is iMyFone iBypasser (WooTechy iSalvor)?

iMyFone iBypasser is an Activation Lock removal tool that works with some specific iOS devices. It allows you to bypass iCloud Activation Lock screen, remove screen lock, and turn off Find My iPhone when you don’t know the password.

ibypasser home

Keep in mind that to be able to use iMyFone iBypasser, you’ll have to jailbreak your iOS device.

About iSalvor, it comes from the same company as iBypasser – iMyFone (WooTechy is a subsidiary of iMyFone), and developed by the same development team and technology.

So, are there any differences between iMyFone iBypasser and WooTechy iSalvor?

Except the logo and name, they are all the same. iSalvor can do whatever iBypasser can do, even the procedures of each function are the same!

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2How Much Does iBypasser or iSalvor Cost?

Both iMyFone iBypasser and WooTechy iSalvor are paid software. Although they offer free trials, they just can’t do anything. You’ll have to purchase one of the licenses before using it.

1-Month Plan$39.95 / 1 iOS device$39.95 / 1 iOS device
1-Year Plan$49.95 / 1 iOS device$49.95 / 1 iOS device
Lifetime Plan$69.95 / 5 iOS devices$69.95 / 5 iOS device

As you can see, the two software share the same price and plans.

There are indeed some crack versions on the Internet. If you want to have a try at the crack version, make sure to install anti-virus software on your computer first.

3Is iBypasser or iSalvor Safe to Use?

It is safe to use from a malware and virus standpoint. When downloading and installing the two software, both of them pass scans from McAfee and Microsoft Security Essentials without any issues.

However, both iBypasser and iSalvor are not safe for your iOS device. Because they will ask you to jailbreak your ios device which may cause the following issues:

  • Some tweaks might affect battery life.
  • Jailbreak might make your iOS device unstable by causing crashes, bugs, and random reboot.
  • There may be poor data connections when making a phone call.
  • You can no longer update your iOS version on a jailbroken device.
  • Your Apple warranty will be void after jailbreak.
  • Your iPhone will be exposed to malware and spyware attacks.
  • It can lead to hardware damage.

Too many risks, right? If you want to bypass iCloud lock without jailbreak, try some alternatives instead.

4Does iMyFone iBypasser or WooTechy iSalvor Work?

Find out if the two software work for you from the table:

FunctionsSupported DevicesSupported iOS
Bypass iCloud Activation Lock ScreeniPhone 6s – iPhone XiOS 12.0 – iOS 14.4.2
Remove Screen Lock and Bypass ActivationiPhone 6 – iPhone XiOS 12.x, iOS 13.0 and above (iOS14.x for iPhone 6s-SE)
Turn Off FMIiPhone 6s – iPhone 11 Pro MaxiOS13.0 and above (iPhone 6s – iPhone X)
iOS 13.0 – iOS 13.5 (iPhone XS – iPhone 11 Pro Max)

Please understand that either iMyFone iBypasser or WooTechy iSalvor can’t work for Apple Watch Activation Lock bypass.

We tested the two software on 5 iOS devices, both of them have a 60% success rate.

But there are also some downsides after using them:

  • The SIM card won’t work, this means you can’t use FaceTime, Messages, Phone Call, or cellular data.
  • You can’t log in with your new Apple ID on Settings.
  • It’s not a permanent solution, every time you update, flash, or restart your iOS device, it will be locked by Activation Lock again.

5Is iBypasser or iSalvor legit?

To be honest, any solutions won’t be legit when you trying to bypass the security system on someone else’s personal devices.

If you just want to try the two software on your own device, it’s absolutely legit. If it’s not, you’d better ask for approval first.


$39.95 is not cheap as a temporary solution. With the same price, I’d prefer using some alternatives that can permanently remove iCloud Activation Lock.

If iBypasser or iSalvor can’t work for you, keep on reading to find some alternatives.

Alternatives That Can Permanently Remove Activation Lock

iMyFone iBypasser and iSalvor can only bypass Activation Lock on some specific devices. And it’s only a temporary solution.

If your device is not supported by them or you want to choose a permanent solution, then one of the trusted iCloud unlock services will help you! Just simply offer the IMEI or Serial number of your device, the team of experts will help you unlock your device remotely!

We’ve already made a table to help you choose the right tool:

SolutionsPermanent BypassSupported DevicesFull BypassTimePrice
iBypasser/iSalvorTemporary bypassPartial iPhone/iPadPartial function won’t work20 MinutesStart from $39.95
AppleiPhoneUnlockYesAll Apple devicesYes24 – 72 hoursStart from $28
IMEIdoctorYesAll Apple devicesYes1 – 5 daysStart from $39.99
IMEIUnlockSIMYesAll Apple devicesYes1 – 24 hoursStart from $18.95


appleiphoneunlock icloud

I would highly recommend AppleiPhoneUnlock as your first choice since this service can permanently bypass iCloud lock for all Apple devices and you can use all functions of your device.

The prices are different based on the country and model of your device. But it’s cheaper than iBypasser or iSalvor.

What’s more, this service offers an option called FastTrack, which will speed up the unlock process and deliver the unlock within 24 hours. This option is helpful when you’re in a hurry.

order appleiphoneunlock iphone 6s unlock

We use this service a lot and they have never let us down. Till now, still a 100% success rate on iCloud removal.

2IMEI Doctor

imeidoctor icloud

IMEIdoctor is another iCloud unlock service that can permanently help you get into your locked device.

It’s similar to AppleiPhoneUnlock: both the styles of website and the procedures to unlock. But it performs better on iPad activation lock removal.

Just as AppleiPhoneUnlock, IMEIdoctor also offers a 100% success unlock for us. And there is also a FastTrack option when you want to unlock your iPad within 24-hour.


imeiunlocksim icloud unlock

The final permanent solution is IMEIUnlockSIM. This is the cheapest iCloud unlock service so far. Only $18.95, you’ll no longer be locked out of your iOS devices.

However, IMEIUnlockSIM is not a 100% successful solution, we tested this service on 5 devices, only 4 of them were unlocked. Although one of our devices was failed to unlock, they returned all the money back.

Not bad! Still a good option to try when you’re in a tight budget.

The Bottom Line

I don’t recommend iMyFone iBypasser or WooTechy iSalvor when you trying to remove Activation Lock without previous owner. Because they are expensive and unable to fully bypass iCloud lock for you.

Instead, try using one of the above services. Each of them is a permanent solution and cheaper than the software.


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