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Research: iCloud Activation Lock Removal Free Online 2021

iCloud Activation lock removal is a very professional process that many people do carelessly by patronizing fake online lock removal systems. Ultimately, they spend a lot of time but get nothing.

There are many free methods over the internet claim that they can bypass Activation Lock, but most of them are scammers. You’ll have to conduct a lot of research which will cost endless time. Luckily, we did this for you.

In this article, we’ll explain the dangers of using fake iCloud activation lock removal free online. And let you know the only truely free online iCloud removal that actually worked for us.

Part 1. All About Free Online iCloud Activation Lock Removals

It’s common for us to find a free way over the Internet when there is a problem. But when it comes to activation repair, you’d better be careful since there are so many scammers.

1Dangers of Using Free Online iCloud Activation Lock Removal

Removing iCloud activation lock requires a high level of expertise and delicacy. Most of the free online iCloud activation lock removals are designed personally, the safety of them can’t be guaranteed.

One of the most terrible side effects of using such tools is that they will pose some serious hardware and data safety threats for you. This is our experience in using them:

  • The free online removal add infectious files or attachments to our computer without permission
  • Some of them will ask to download software which may be Malware or virus
  • You’ll be finally directed to a page to make a payment to proceed. But nothing happened even if the payment is finished
  • Scammers will ask you to make endless of surveys before using them

So, unless you don’t care about the safety of your computer and iPhone, it’s wise to keep away from using untrustworthy free online iCloud activation lock removal.

If you insist on using such tools, then learn how to tell if they are safe below.

2How to Know If an Online Free Activation Lock Removal Is Safe?

Although it may seem hard to figure out, there are ways you can evaluate if an online iCloud removal system is safe. Some of these are:

  • Customer reviews: It would greatly help if you check with other customers’ reviews to see if it’s indeed a right choice. Continuously good customer reviews are hard to fabricate, making it a reliable way to know if they offer good systems.
  • No hidden fees underneath: In our opinion, systems that claim to be free, but casually add costs once you register are shady. A credible free online iCloud removal would never act in such a way.
  • Check SSL Certificate: If a site begins with “http” instead of “https”, it means there is a chance of privacy leak (this including personal info, payment info, etc.)
  • Look for company info: Look at the physical address, phone number and return policy to see if they’re false.

3What to Do If You’re Scammed By Free Online iCloud Removals

As discussed above, it’s hard for you to separate the good from the bad since the amount of free online removals available presently. If you’re unfortunately scammed by them, here are some things you can do to remedy the situation:

  • If you make the payment via PayPal, do not hesitate to open a case. The seller may ask you to close the case and may threaten, but keep going!
  • If you purchased it in person, then you should call the police.
  • If the seller asks for sensitive information, be sure not to give them out. They may utilize it to hack into your accounts and wreak further havoc.
  • eBay offers a 30 days moneyback guarantee, so do not hesitate to utilize it in this situation!

4Fake Free Online iCloud Unlockers to Avoid

There are a bunch of websites that claim to help you unlock your iCloud locked device for free. Sounds almost too good to be true. But many are scams. Here are the scammers you should keep away from them:

  1. iCloudBypassOnline
  2. iPhoneApprovedUnlock
  3. ActivateiCloud.info
  4. icloud-activation-lock

5The Only Free Online iCloud Unlock Method Worked for Us

After testing so many free tools, we finally succeed in finding a truly worked free online iCloud unlocking method- “Lucky Dog”.

wipelock intro

It’s a plan initiated by an authority site, what you need do is to share their post to your social media or leave a comment below their article, they will help you unlock your device for free! You just need to offer the IMEI number of your iPhone, they’ll do the rest.

But the worst thing about this plan is that they only choose 3 guys per month randomly from those who participate in this plan. The chances are slim, that’s why they called this plan “Lucky Dog”.

Part 2. Reliable Paid Online iCloud Activation Lock Removal

We have to admit that a paid online service is trustworthy after being scammed by countless free tools.

While there are so many iCloud unlocking services, few stand out like AppleiPhoneUnlock. It’s an IMEI-based unlocking service that has the interests of the customer in mind. AppleiPhoneUnlock has been in the business for a while now, and has helped thousands of people remove activation lock.


How Does AppleiPhoneUnlock Work for Us?

Permanently Unlock

Dislike some paid software, AppleiPhoneUnlock unlocked our iPhones permanently. It remains unlocked even after we update, reset, restart our devices.

Full Device Compatible

Most online iCloud unlock services are only available for the newest phones and iOS models. They can’t work for our iPhone 7. However, AppleiPhoneUnlock is compatible with all models & iOS versions,

Fast Delivery Time

We tested AppleiPhoneUnlock on our iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone 12. All the devices are unlocked successfully. The delivery time for them are as following:

  • iPhone 8: 4.5 hours (FastTrack option enabled)
  • iPhone X: 5 hours (FastTrack option enabled)
  • iPhone 12: 5.5 hours (FastTrack option enabled)
  • iPhone 7: 52 hours

“FastTrack” is an option available on the order page for users to speed up the delivery time. We enabled this option on our iPhone 8/X/12, they’re all unlocked within 6 hours. All we did is to enter the IMEI number of our devices. They took care of the rest.

The Bottom Line

It’s not easy for most of people to find the free online iCloud Activation Lock removal. But you’re lucky enough to find this post since we did the research and find the only truly worked free online tool for you.

If you’re in a hurry to get your device unlocked, then AppleiPhonUnlock is an excellent choice for you. They are fast, reliable, and efficient to use.

Choose your favorite one from here and don’t hesitate to leave a comment if there are any questions.

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