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Trusted iCloud Removal Services for iPhone / iPad / Apple Watch

Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple watch) is the most popular phone in the world. They are powerful, creative and high efficiency. Getting one of them is a dream for many people.

But what to do if your Apple device is locked to iCloud Activation Lock? This means you won’t be able to use this device unless you can unlock it.

A trusted iCloud removal service will never let you down, but how to find one of them?

Don’t worry, I’ve applied my experience to researching the trusted iCloud removal services for you so you can make the best selection for your iCloud locked device.

And I found that AppleiPhoneUnlock is the best iCloud unlock service for your iPhone. Each service is different. So, I’ve included reviews of them so that you can make your decision.

Let’s get started.

Top 3 Best & Trusted iCloud Removal Services

Here are the services that perform really good:

#1. AppleiPhoneUnlock – Best iCloud Removal Service


  • Price: Start from $28
  • Delivery time: 3 days (Or within 24-hour with FastTrack option enabled)
  • My rating: 9.5 / 10
  • Success rate: 100%, all iOS devices were unlocked successfully

AppleiPhoneUnlock is the winner among our tested iCloud unlock services. It’s a well-known service that promises to unlock iCloud Activation lock for all models of Apple devices.

The delivery time is also remarkable – it took around 3 days which is pretty fast. The good news is that you can use the “FastTrack” option on the order page, this will enable you to get your iPhone unlocked within 24-hour.

Their customer support is also helpful and responsive. Just send your questions, they will give you a satisfactory answer in no time.

The prices vary from country to country, for USA and UK users, they charge $39. If you are in a rush, just enable the FastTrack unlock option which is an extra $14.

They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if they can’t finish the unlock. I didn’t have to try this out because all our tested devices were unlocked by them.

Overall, this is a legit & top-quality & reliable iCloud removal service, I’d say AppleiPhoneUnlock is the best iCloud unlock service and happy to put them at No.1 on my list.

#2. IMEIdoctor

imeidoctor banner

  • Price: Start from $39.99
  • Delivery time: 5 days
  • My rating: 9 / 10
  • Success rate: 100%, they unlocked all of our tested devices

IMEIdotor is my second #1 choice when it comes to unlocking Activation Lock. We’ve tested this trusted iCloud removal service based on price, customer service, success rate, delivery time and they came out top in all criteria.

This real iCloud unlock service is the No.1 competitor of AppleiPhoneUnlock, it shares nearly the same appearance & functions as AppleiPhoneUnlock but it takes a longer time for unlocking. Although they unlocked every iOS device we sent them, it takes up to 5 days. They also offer a FastTrack option like AppleiPhoneUnlock which unlocked our devices within 24 hours.

What’s the biggest distinction between them? In fact, IMEIdoctor is the best iPad iCloud removal service. It unlocks iPad faster than AppleiPhoneUnlock and supports all models of iPad.

I’d choose IMEIdoctor when it comes to removing iCloud Activation Lock from iPad.

#3. IMEIUnlockSIM


  • Price: Start from $18.95
  • Delivery time: 1-24 hours
  • My Rating: 8 / 10
  • Success rate: 4/5

IMEIUnlockSIM is almost the cheapest iCloud unlock service. I put it in the 3rd place on my list not because they’re a terrible iPhone iCloud Unlock service, but simply because the success rate is not as good as AppleiPhoneUnlock and IMEIdoctor.

This service is easy to use as the above ones. I simply selected the model of iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad, and offered them the IMEI/Serial no. , then paid using my card.

As for my experience, they managed to remove the iCloud lock on 4/5 Apple devices I sent them. But IMEIUnlockSIM is still a trusted iCloud removal service as they offered me a refund for the only failed order.

Although the success rate is not 100%, IMEIUnlockSIM delivered all the successful unlock within 24 hours for only $18.95!

Overall, If you have an iCloud locked device, and want to unlock it with a cheap service, then IMEIUnlockSIM will a good option.

Advanced Tips When Using iCloud Removal Services

How to Use an iCloud Remover Service?

The steps are nearly the same for most services:

Step 1. The first step will be finding the IMEI number of your iCloud locked device. The easiest way is to get it from the Activation Lock screen.

find imei on hello screen

Step 2. Then check the iCloud status with an accurate iCloud checker such as WipeLock IMEI checker. (Never use a free IMEI checker, the results from them are not accurate. )

Please understand that if the iCloud status of your iOS device is blacklisted (lost or stolen), then there is no service can help you.

wipelock imei checker

Only if your device has a Clean iCloud status, can you unlock your iPhone with an iCloud removal service.

Step 3. Choose a service. Choose one of the above iCloud Activation Lock removal services, offer them your IMEI or Serial number, complete the payment and wait for them to process the unlock.

Please make sure you choose a reliable iCloud unlock service – I was scammed many times by dodgy services when doing the research.

Feel free to try one of the services I mentioned above, which update regularly.

Step 4. Once they complete the unlock, they will send an email to you. From then, you can use all the functions and features of your iOS device without any hassles.

What to Do When My iCloud Locked iPhone is Blacklisted?

The first thing you need to do when you find your iPhone is blacklisted, is to make sure the IMEI checker you used is accurate.

Please note that nearly all IMEI checkers just automatically generate an IMEI report from an outdated database after receiving the IMEI number you submitted. That’s why we recommend an IMEI checker that performed by experts manually like WipeLock IMEI Checker. This type of IMEI checker is reliable and accurate.

After you make sure your iPhone is blacklisted, the only way to unlock your iPhone is to use a third-party iCloud bypass tool like Tenorshare 4MeKey.

4mekey interface home

Although this kind of software can actually bypass the iCloud lock, it’s not a permanent unlock. Every time your factory reset, update, restart your iPhone, it will be locked again by Activation Lock.

So, I’d recommend you use one of the trusted iCloud removal services if your iPhone is not blacklisted.

How Does iCloud Removal Service Work?

Most Apple iCloud Activation Lock removal services are based on IMEI or Serial number (unique for each device). They deliver the unlock “over the air”, which means you need to do nothing but just wait for them to remotely unlock your device.

What’s the Best Apple Watch iCloud Remove Service?

For Apple Watch Activation Lock bypass, the 3 iCloud Activation removal services I mentioned above will help. But if you want the best one, I would highly recommend AppleiPhoneUnlock.

They deliver the unlock faster than what they claim on their website. You don’t need to add the extra “FastTrack” option when submitting your order because the ordinary delivery time for Apple Watch is as fast as 19 hours.

Pros & Cons of Using iCloud Removal Service


  • Unlock your device from iCloud Activation Lock permanently
  • You can use all the functions and features after iCloud removal
  • It’s easy to use – no special technical skills are required


  • There are lots of scammers offering this type of service
  • It’s not free
  • It takes a few days to unlock

Can You Trust iCloud Activation Lock Removal Service Free?

Absolutely not! Till now, I haven’t found a free online iCloud Activation Lock removal that can actually work. All of them I tested are scammers. You must keep away from them as they will collect your personal data which will lead to a privacy leak.

The Bottom Line

So, we’ve listed the top 3 trusted iCloud removal services for you. Just choose one of them you preferred to unlock your device.

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you have any questions or need further instructions.

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